Source code for irclog.web.server

""":mod:`irclog.web.server` --- Built-in web server

Command line interface

.. program:: python -m irclog.web.server

This module provides a command line interface for running the web server.

.. sourcecode:: bash

   $ python -m irclog.web.server
   Usage: python -m irclog.web.server [options] archive-path

   python -m irclog.web.server: error: archive path is required

It takes exactly one argument, the path of log archive, and several options
following explained:

.. option:: -H <host>, --host <host>

   Host to listen. Default: ````.

.. option:: -p <port>, --port <port>

   Port to bind. Default: ``8080``.

.. option:: -T <path>, --template <path>

   HTML template path. Default: :file:`basic`.

.. option:: -P <prefix>, --path-prefix <prefix>

   Prefix of the URL path.

.. option:: -E <key>=<value>, --wsgi-environ <key>=<value>

   Set WSGI environment. It can be multiple e.g. ``-Ea=1 -Eb=2`` or
   ``-Ea=b=c=123`` (which is equivalent to ``-Ea=123 -Eb=123 -Ec=123``).

.. option:: -d, --debug

   Debug mode.


.. function:: serve(host, port, app)

   Serves a WSGI application.

   :param host: a host to listen
   :type host: :class:`basestring`
   :param port: a port to listen
   :type port: :class:`int`
   :type app: a WSGI application
   :type app: callable object

import os.path
import optparse
import irclog.web

BUILTIN_TEMPLATE_PATH = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "templates")

    import meinheld
    def serve(host, port, app):
        meinheld.server.listen((host, port))
except ImportError:
        import gevent.wsgi
        def serve(host, port, app):
            httpd = gevent.wsgi.WSGIServer((host, port), app)
    except ImportError:
            import rocket
            def serve(host, port, app):
                httpd = rocket.Rocket((host, port), "wsgi", {"wsgi_app": app})
        except ImportError:
            import wsgiref.simple_server
[docs] def serve(host, port, app): httpd = wsgiref.simple_server.make_server(host, port, app) httpd.serve_forever()
def main(): description = "Serve IRC log archive as web. The archive-path is a " \ "pattern like /<server>/<channel>/<date:%Y-%m-%d>." parser = optparse.OptionParser(prog="python -m irclog.web.server", usage="Usage: %prog [options] archive-path", description=description) parser.add_option("-H", "--host", default="", help="host to listen [%default]") parser.add_option("-p", "--port", type="int", default="8080", help="port to bind [%default]") parser.add_option("-T", "--template", metavar="PATH", default="basic", help="HTML template path [%default]") parser.add_option("-P", "--path-prefix", metavar="PREFIX", default="", help="prefix of the URL path") parser.add_option("-d", "--debug", action="store_true", help="debug mode") parser.add_option("-E", "--wsgi-environ", action="append", metavar="KEY=VALUE", help="Set WSGI environment") options, args = parser.parse_args() try: archive_path, = args except ValueError: parser.error("archive path is required") template = options.template if not os.path.isdir(template): template = os.path.join(BUILTIN_TEMPLATE_PATH, template) if not os.path.isdir(template): parser.error("--template path is not correct") app = irclog.web.Application(archive_path, template, options.path_prefix, debug=options.debug) if options.wsgi_environ: wsgi_environ = {} for tup in options.wsgi_environ: try: tup = tup.split('=') except ValueError: parser.error('--wsgi-environ must be key=value pair') for key in tup[:-1]: wsgi_environ[key] = tup[-1] def wrapped_app(environ, start_response): new_environ = dict(environ) new_environ.update(wsgi_environ) return app(new_environ, start_response) else: wrapped_app = app serve(, options.port, app) if __name__ == "__main__": main()