irclog.web.server — Built-in web server

Command line interface

This module provides a command line interface for running the web server.

$ python -m irclog.web.server
Usage: python -m irclog.web.server [options] archive-path

python -m irclog.web.server: error: archive path is required

It takes exactly one argument, the path of log archive, and several options following explained:

-H <host>, --host <host>

Host to listen. Default:

-p <port>, --port <port>

Port to bind. Default: 8080.

-T <path>, --template <path>

HTML template path. Default: basic.

-P <prefix>, --path-prefix <prefix>

Prefix of the URL path.

-E <key>=<value>, --wsgi-environ <key>=<value>

Set WSGI environment. It can be multiple e.g. -Ea=1 -Eb=2 or -Ea=b=c=123 (which is equivalent to -Ea=123 -Eb=123 -Ec=123).

-d, --debug

Debug mode.


irclog.web.server.serve(host, port, app)[source]

Serves a WSGI application.

  • host (basestring) – a host to listen
  • port (int) – a port to listen