Getting started

How to install

irclog is wholly written in Python, so you have to install Python on your system if it isn’t installed yet.

It depends on some Python libraries also, but its install resolves the dependencies automatically. You can install irclog through easy_install or pip:

$ pip install irclog
$ # ... or:
$ easy_install irclog

How to run the web server

It has a built-in web server. What you have to do is just to use it. (Assume that IRC logs are stored in .irssi/log/ of your home directory.)

$ python -m irclog.web.server \
         -p 80 \


<server>, <channel> and <date:...> are placeholders.

Then go http://localhost/ in your web browser.

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Module irclog.web.server

How to use your WSGI server


Ignore this if you don’t understand what this is.

If there’s your preferred WSGI server like mod_wsgi or uWSGI, you can server irclog on your WSGI server.

import os
import os.path
import irclog.web

path = os.path.join(os.environ["HOME"],
app = irclog.web.Application(path)

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